Performance Art Exhibit: Opening Day

Screen Shot 2019-03-24 at 8.02.10 AM.png

As we near the end of our semester, all four creative cluster teams finalized and installed their citizen experiments on March 23rd in the Create Space area, located in the library. During our lab sessions, many ideas were generated on how we can utilize the space, and it led to the concept of our living timeline design.

It was a challenging task to transport our 96” long x 42” wide board to the Create Space area, but once it was placed on the library tabletops, our team worked with ease. The process of writing Calgary’s performance arts history on our timeline, in addition to our own memories, was enjoyable and we aspire the same warmth from our guests. Our focus is to encourage high engagement with our visitors, and to provoke the perception around performance arts. It was a process filled with pressure and worry, but our outcome is nothing short of magnificent.