Film and Music Exhibit: Opening Day

Through weeks of design, testing and experimenting, the Film and Music group is proud to announce that our experiment installation is now open for public interaction in the Create Space at Calgary’s Central Library. On display from March 23rd to March 27th, our exhibit fosters a creative experience in which participants are encouraged to discover the role music plays within film. Whilst putting on a pair of headphones and listening to the soundtrack provided, individuals are presented the opportunity to draw and create a movie scene or poster that they feel is best represented by the music. After completion, artwork is then to be displayed on a nearby poster board for others to see. This enables a unique experience to discover the differences in what others created while listening to the same audio.    

Upon opening at around 11am on March 23rd, our team took the opportunity to observe initial responses from participants. To our delight, within minutes of opening, everyone from children to adults were actively immersed in the Film and Music exhibit. Over the next few days, our group expects a continuing trend of individuals to enjoy the creative experience.

Although the current stage of our project did not come without its fair share of complications along the way, it was a collaboration effort from the Civic Innovation team leaders, mentors, and community partners that assisted and guided our group to make this happen. Thus far, it has been a phenomenal learning experience that will certainly be looked back upon in the future.