Visual Arts Exhibit: Opening Day


The crisp morning air surrounded us as the groups gathered at the front entrance of the New Central Library. As the clock got closer to 9am the air was replaced with a buzz of excitement as the groups prepared to tackle the task at hand. Finally the doors opened and people flooded into the vast and beautiful space. As we made our way over to the create space the realization of the task we had to complete soon took over our thoughts. As every group settled down and began working the space transformed into this high energy area. As passers by gathered around to check out what we were up to we knew that we were doing something interesting. The process, though time consuming, came together almost flawlessly. As the clock approached 11am it was all hands on deck to wrap up the final touches of the experiment. But finally we could take a sigh of relief as the last markers where put in place and final highlights were installed. Half past 11 came and the exhibit gates were opened to the public. To our delight the public started to wander through and interact with the exhibits leaving us with the sense that we have created something special.