Is Calgary rich with public art?

Our group was tasked with uncovering the art for public viewing downtown.The area we chose to explore stretches from Centre Street to 6th street and 4th avenue to 9th avenue SW. As we toured, it came as no surprise to our group that public art is a vital component of Calgary’s downtown core.

We concluded that the best method of exploration would be to zigzag through the blocks so we would not miss any opportunity to encounter our cities art. The journey started on the corner of Centre Street and 4th avenue. As we wove through the streets, we discovered some amazing hidden gems and rediscovered some pieces we know and love. From historic representations to modern interactive sculptures, downtown has many different art pieces to explore. As the weather was in our favour, we all made sure to stop and appreciate some of our favourites which are featured in our Jane’s Walk top 10. Our group had a lovely time getting to know one and other as we walked and appreciated the great creative culture in Calgary

Screen Shot 2019-01-28 at 7.01.55 PM.png