Eau Claire Plaza and Prince Island Park

Screen Shot 2019-01-27 at 6.25.37 PM.png

This is my favourite picture from our Jane’s walk as this view is mesmerizing with everything covered in snow. It was first time that I and my team members had the opportunity to do the Jane’s walk. We decided to go in the evening to click pictures of the art in our specified area. We went in the evening and it was cold. It was a great learning experience. Our designated area for the jane’s walk was from 3rd street -4th avenue to 9 street -4th avenue which included Eau Claire Plaza and Prince Island park. I have been in this area many times during summer, but this was the first time when I came here in winters. I found that bow river lagoon was used as a skating rink in winters. The park covered in snow looked like a white canvas waiting to be painted by imagination. The Christmas themed lights in the park added to its beauty. The view from the Jaipur Bridge in Prince’s Island park was breathtaking. Even though it was freezing at that time, but you just want to stay there and admire the view as time stood still. But we had to keep moving on because it was getting colder and we had a lot to cover. The delta gardens are a perfect place for evening strolls. The lights were reflecting from the snow giving the gardens a different texture which added to its beauty.

During the Jane’s walk I observed that we ignore the beauty of the places in plain sight. I have visited these places many times earlier but ignored so many beautiful sculptures right in front of me. It is also said that beauty lies in the eye of the beholder. Some of the sculptures that we came across might came across as non - traditional art. One might have to turn on their artistic lens to recognize its beauty. All the times when I visited these places, I ignored so many beautiful structures because I did not see it through the perspective of an artist.

My team members and I had some great conversations about the buildings that we were passing by and why were those buildings were shaped the way they are today. I got to learn some interesting facts about architecture designs. Towards the end of our walking tour, our feet were freezing so we took shelter in a nearby convenience store and grabbed some coffee. Another lesson learned that day was that we should put enough layers while sightseeing in winters.

Overall, Jane’s walk was a fun opportunity where we learned about the sculptures and stories of the bridges that we came across. It was also an opportunity to know our fellow team members and listen to different perspectives about art.