The Final Showcase: Giving Third Space Life

The Vivacity showcase was an incredible experience that I wish didn’t come to an end. It was amazing to have been able to create, design and prototype a space that encapsulated the vision of Third Space. I was amazed and so proud of the fact that my group and myself were able to bring the concept of Third Space to life- given the space that we were presented. I was nervous that our minimalist idea of a café and fitness studio would be overshadowed by the mere fact that we were located within an office building downtown. Thankfully, however, this was not the case. But this is not to deny the fact that there was a lot of blood, sweat and tears that contributed to designing the showcase, regardless of this, these pains had an enormous pay-off when it came time to present Third Space.

It was so much fun to interact with guests and have the opportunity to speak and nitpick viewpoints and ideas regarding Third Space's business venture. Regardless if it was positive or negative feedback, it was an excellent learning experience to further understand why people, the public, believed why Third Space would either be a success or a flop. However, in contrast to this, it was also gratifying to explain the reasoning behind Third Space’s concept. It was an engaging event to further elaborate why Third Space believes why it can encourage a stronger sense of community in the downtown core and how this is significant to Calgary. 

The feedback, support and interest given by the community, combined with the experience of the showcase has imparted me the feeling that millennials do have an important role in the development in the future of the City of Calgary. This is something that I won't forget when I pursue my future endeavours. 

Sarah Ali, Mount Royal University Student