Real Estate Forum

Reflecting upon the Southern Alberta Commercial Tenant Real Estate Forum, it is safe to say I learned more than what I went there knowing. The speakers were moving, inspirational, and overly successful. This meant so much to me when it comes to the business world, as it takes a certain person to get up there and educate so many people at one time. It is nothing new for them to come prepared and be ready for any question or comment, and to engage us while doing so. The speakers were more than educational, and I was quite enthused to see their suggestions, tips, and tricks in their journey to where they are now. One that moved me in particular, was Mr. Fraser Dyer. He informed me of the statistics and analysis on where we are at as a city right now. The vacancy, competition, and current conditions are at stake, and it takes a well-rounded realtor to know the fundamentals to maneuver around it. I found Mr. Altaf Hirji to be very inspirational as well, as he demonstrated what location in a business really has to do with the success of it. He explained the progress H&R Block made after they relocated to downtown from the far south. This change improved productivity, efficiency, and overall employee happiness. This made me realize the importance location genuinely has on any business owner.

Overall, the forum was very helpful, and I was able to network and learn while being there. I was inspired by many, and realized my true passion for real estate. If I were to change one thing however, it would be to incorporate more networking time and less time for questioning and answering. I expected people to stay at the end to network, however I had class and I know others had work, meetings, and everyday life. Nonetheless, it was an inspiring and fun time, and I look forward to attending similar events.

Allison Cassidy, Mount Royal University