Networking, Learning and Connecting with Speakers at the Southern Alberta Commercial Real Estate breakfast

The Southern Alberta Commercial Real Estate breakfast was filled with wisdom for new and current businesses in Calgary. The variety of speakers touched on everything from what a small business would need to look at when just starting up to what some of the largest companies in Calgary should be considering when looking for space. Calgary Chamber leader Adam Legge provided valuable insight from the governmental perspective in regards to what they want to happen in the downtown core. Frasier Dyer from Atlas Group gave the audience incredible statistics regarding the past, present, and potential future of downtown real estate in Calgary. Grant Kosowan (Orange Group Commercial Real Estate) and Altaf Hirji (H&R Block) delved deeply into how to get the best rent rates and how to go about rent renewals. Kosowan noted that one of the best strategies is to compare and look for new spaces. Robert Fooks (McLeod Law) noted that a lawyer should be hired or consulted to do major deals and had further insight into the law aspect of real estate management. Derek Doke (Franworks) gave the crowd his advice and wisdom though years of operating a large business on expanding and his rare flops and how to deal with the adversity of picking a location.

The food provided was good and the space was intimate enough for everyone to feel connected with the speakers, while the audience and space was large enough to not feel cramped with the amount of people inside. The St. Louis Hotel is a beautiful building to have the event in and its surroundings give the impression of Calgary’s downtown revitalization by being near the new Studio Bell and other new construction in that area. This event is a must attend for companies in the downtown area. Not only is the advice given in each speaker’s presentation valuable, the networking opportunities are equally – if not more – valuable.

Brandon Dispose, Mount Royal University Student

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