K-Pop and the Economic Innovation

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Today, popular South Korean music is loved and embraced around the world, especially in America within the last five years. The South Korean government actually has a dedicated K-pop department to recruit and pay for Korean music both to promote business and culture. As Lie states, “the business of South Korea is South Korean business (2014, pg. 121). The government has made the effort to “brand South Korea [and Seoul as its capital] as a creative, innovative country” (Lie, 2014, p.149). As K-pop becomes increasingly popular in America, new children's shows and other media mediums are beginning to latch onto this creative musical culture. As Lie states, “K-pop, like popular music in general, marks the beauty in ordinary life: a promise of happiness, the anticipation of bliss” (2014, pg.194). Give K-pop a listen today!

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