Creativity and Design in Cape Town


“Cape Town has used creativity and design as tools in the ongoing process of rebuilding, reconnecting
and repositioning the city to transform lives and to build a better, more resilient city for all.” (UNESCO, Cape Town, para. 1). This fact alone is exemplary as this City has clearly identified the value of the creative economy and is implementing it for both economic and social reasons.

Cape Town utilizes local events as “powerful engines to share experiences, knowledge and best practice with diverse local and international audiences and design practitioners” (UNESCO, Cape Town, para. 4). From a systems perspective, it can be inferred that these events help promote a sense of community within Cape Town. The city is advanced compared to other cities in the geographic region, as they have recognized and are placing a high level of importance on utilizing creativity and culture. This city is truly exemplarily as they are utilizing art in order to better their current situation.