Bringing it all together!

Finally after all of our hard work the big day was here. Our group arrived early and began refreshing the experiment and to our surprise after only a day since the last refresh the cubes were filled with drawings again. After refreshing the experiments the groups tackled the task of setting up the event space. From preparing the Jane’s walk displays, to mounting our system maps it was all coming together. With the help of the wonderful library staff we were able to transform the space into something special. Once the event got underway we could finally take a breath of relief knowing it all came together. The night included talks from influential people in our community as well as a wonderful student perspective to bring it all together. We split for a little bit and watched as people interacted and engaged with our experiments. By the end of the time period our experiment was full once again! Through talking with many people in the community we learned about the impact that we had on changing people's perspectives as well as just simply educating them on the impact that the creative economy has on our city. By the end of the night we carried a sense of pride knowing that the work we had done throughout the semester was really making a difference. But this wouldn’t have been possible without our community partners and funders. We would like to thank the Alberta Real Estate Foundation, The J.W. McConnell Family Foundation, Recode, and the Westman Charitable Foundation for their generous support and funding. We would also like to thank Calgary Economic Development, Mount Royal University, The City of Calgary, Calgary Arts Development, The Calgary Public Library, and Civic Tech YYC for being amazing community partners. Finally we would like to thank everyone that came out to the event and showed support for our work. After this amazing semester we can’t wait to see what the next group of students will come up with!