How Does Performing Arts Impact Calgary’s Identity?

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Performance Art reflects human creativity through a variety of modes, including, but not limited to, dance, film, theatre, music and their respective subcategories. This art form, in its simplest manifestation,  involves both an audience and performer(s). Performance arts, like other forms of art, has been proven to build upon community and culture. This cluster has helped foster, and in some cases, create a sense of identity/community.

Calgary continues to change and adapt as new technologies and industries emerge in our city. As there has been huge shifts and changes over the last hundred years, Calgarians have become increasingly aware of the identity of our city and how we chose to express ourselves. Much of this identity is built around our history as a city, and what this looks like for us know.

Calgary is well known as a oil town, a young city, full with business people and events such as the Calgary Stampede. However, our city is constantly diversifying and growing. As we have welcomed more people to our city, our industries have expanded and we have more events such as the Folk Festival, Globe Fest, and Beakerhead. The city has also been exploring other avenues such as the Studio Bell National Music Centre. Although we may not have a clear answer on what Calgaries Identity looks like today, performing arts has a huge impact on our city.

Our hope for Calgary is that we continue to foster our appreciation of the performing arts. Through doing so we hope that Calgary will begin to develop an identity that will grow and diversify with the city.